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Badminton England and Sure Shot

Badminton England is pleased to have appointed Sure Shot as the official supplier for its Schools’ Programme ‘The Racket Pack’ – as well as the launch of its new Outdoor Badminton initiative which includes the Sure Shot Quick Fit Post and Net set.


Sure Shot Quick Fit Post and Net

Developed in cooperation with Badminton England the Sure Shot Portable Badminton Programme transforms the sport for play in primary schools, as well as being ideal for home use. The Sure Shot Quick Fit post and net is quick and easy to set up, use and store away. The set has everything contained within a single mid-sized box, which is the ballast for the set, that can easily fit into any car boot for a truly portable net and post.

The Post and Net Set is available in a set including badminton rackets and shuttles – everything you need to play Badminton anywhere

“Badminton England sees these sets as bringing our sport to more primary schools so that they will be able to deliver Badminton as part of their curricular and extracurricular activity. It can be used in the playground or sports field whenever the weather permits, and the school hall or gym when it does not.

It is ideal for youngsters playing our sport all year round and will see many more young people being introduced to Badminton over the years”

                                Nick Rimmer, Head of Development, Badminton England


The Racket Pack Programme

Badminton England’s primary age (5 – 11 years) focused initiative. It’s been designed to deliver fun and engaging skill-based sessions, ensuring a positive first experience of badminton.

Badminton England has worked closely with Sure Shot to ensure the rackets and equipment provided are of the highest quality and support the development of future badminton players. The Racket Pack programme has been designed to enable delivery to take place both within the school setting and outside within the community.

Working closely with the Association for PE the programme ensures each module meets the minimum requirement of the national curriculum. Whilst the programme is badminton focused, each module covers the essential fundamental skill development as outlined in the curriculum. Therefore The Racket Pack can be delivered both within curriculum lessons and as well extracurricular clubs.

To meet the development needs of the children Badminton England has written three modules for each of the specified age groups which are:

Age 5 – 7 (Key stage 1)

Age 7 – 9 (Key stage 2, years 3 and 4)

Age 9 – 11 (Key stage 2, years 5 and 6)

Further details can be found at www.badmintonengland.co.uk or on Badminton England’s YouTube channel or Facebook page